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    Review 1 of 3: Comfort at home
    I’ve been here 3 weeks, and I love every bit of my new place, when I first moved here, I was unsure. Ms Barbara Wilkinson assured us that once we’re here, we won’t regret, she has been a very big help to us, her customer service incredible, and we thank her, and we do LOVE it……
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    Review 2 of 3: Great Place!
    Let me tell you, when i went there all the office staff was wonderful and was in great spirits. Rocio, Pamela, Mark, Roberto, Mike and Barbara. Great group of people.
  • 100% Satisfaction Rate
    Review 3 of 3: Staff
    Friendly and accommodating staff. They have been kind and patient with any questions or concerns we had. I would highly recommend living in this community.